I double dare you to learn something new!

As an ideaist, knowledge on a variety of topics is important. Without a constant influx of new information, ideas can quickly dry up. If you ever feel you are creatively blocked you know what that can feel like. It’s easier to fix than it feels. Stop staring at what you need to do. Stop thinking about what will come next and do something random. Immerse yourself in new information and before you know it, that idea you thought would never come will just show up, uninvited.

Yesterday I began a new project to make new knowledge easy to accumulate. will let you dare your friends to learn more than you. The more you know, the more connections your brain can make in creative ways.

When the site is ready, you can even create your own courses, highlighting whatever you are an expert at. We are looking for collaborators who are interested in sharing knowledge with daring folks everywhere.

Learn something new or teach people soemthing, I double dog dare* you!

*Now you have to do it, no one should ever resist a double dog dare!

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